About Raglan Naturally

Raglan Naturally is about sharing stories, building relationships, understanding what we value, aligning aspirations, and setting a foundation for the way we
work together.
Our combined effort will form a community plan with concrete goals and strategies. The plan will continue to evolve and be a signpost for all who are connected to and supported by this place, including Council, developers, businesses, and community organisations.

Raglan Naturally

Coming Together

Work completed so far

A diverse team of volunteers has been working on updating the community plan (which was originally created in 2001), with the aim of completing the review by November 2018.
The project is being led by Raglan Community Board with strong support from Tangata Whenua, WDC and other key stakeholders. The Raglan Naturally team have identified four goals for the review – building foundations, including Treaty of Waitangi and partnership with iwi and hapu, being future focused, improving connection between community and councils, and keeping Raglan Naturally alive and effective.

Support Needed

The Raglan Naturally process has been funded to date by Waikato District Council, Raglan Community Board and WEL Energy. We have also relied heavily on generous donations of time and food from our community.

In order to successfully complete the next phases of this project (the Community-Wide Consultation followed by writing the 2018 plan document) we need to source some additional funding support. If you are able to support this important community project, please get in touch.

If you think you can support us in some way, whether that be giving us a shout out on social media or volunteering your time or even making a donation, please contact Gabrielle at the contact details below:

Contact Details

Raglan Naturally Coordinator

Gabrielle Parson

E: raglannaturally@gmail.com
P: 021 844 785

he mahere hapori whānui o


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