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Board Member Responsibilities

Raglan Naturally Trust Board Members will act with full authority and responsibility to develop policies, procedures and regulations for the operation of the Raglan Naturally Charitable Trust, and monitor the Trust’s programmes, financial health and overall performance.
Every member of the Board is equally accountable for every action and decision of the Board.

All Board Members of the Raglan Naturally Charitable Trust agree:

  • To oversee and support the implementation of the aspirations and projects documented in the Raglan Naturally Community Plan.
  • To work in partnership with iwi and hapū, recognising the intent of Te Tiriti o Waitangi as the founding document of the partnership.
  • To ensure all people in the Raglan area have ongoing opportunities to be engaged, have input and be informed about the aspirations and projects of Raglan Naturally.
  • To work collaboratively and strengthen partnerships with relevant organisations and statutory bodies.
  • To create opportunities for Raglan’s communities and organisations to connect and learn from each other.
  • To grow community capability by supporting the development of leadership, organisational capacity and skills, through training and provision of resources.
  • To support, promote and uphold the mana and values of “Raglan Naturally”.
  • To seek funding, policies and resources which promote and support Raglan Naturally to deliver its aspirations and projects.
  • To document and share Raglan Naturally values, objectives, processes and achievements, to learn from and /or assist other communities.
  • To periodically review and refresh the plan and to evaluate the achievements of Raglan Naturally.

The objectives of the Organisation are intended to be charitable in accordance with New Zealand law and are deemed not to include or extend to any matter or thing which is not charitable and the powers of the Board are restricted accordingly.
All Board Members are to:

    • Comply with the terms of the trust deed that created the trust
    • Act honestly and loyally
    • Act in the best interest of the trust

Each Board Member of the Raglan Naturally Community Trust shall be responsible for: 

  • Understanding and committing to the mission, goals and objectives of the Trust
  • Understanding the roles and responsibilities of the Board of Directors
  • Understanding the roles and responsibilities of the Executive Officers
  • Having a full understanding of the day-to-day activities of Raglan Naturally 
  • Fully understanding of the Raglan Naturally Community Plan
  • Preparing for and attend all meetings of the Board of Trustees
  • Serving on sub-committees as appointed or elected
  • Providing general advice and assistance to the organisation upon request by Board Members and/or EO
  • Providing reports, materials and other items associated with the Board responsibilities and activities
  • Informing the Board of all actual and potential conflicts of interest relating to the general purpose and activities of the Trust and specific issues brought before the Board

It should be noted that Raglan Naturally Trust Board Members volunteer their time. 

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