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Business & Employment
Ngā Umanga me te Whiwhinga Mahi

Whaingaroa Raglan has an array of local businesses that help to create a thriving community. From retail shops and cafes in the CBD, trade services, health and wellbeing, home-based business ventures, tourism operators and more. Local businesses tend to align themselves with positive values that focus on sustainability and maintaining a healthy environment. Successful businesses operating in the Raglan community provide employment opportunities and positive economic growth. 

In 2013 there were almost 800 workers with a workplace address in Raglan, implying a relatively high proportion of jobs per capita (of residents) of 29%. As of 2016 there were almost 1,200 jobs (employment counts) and 431 businesses within the Raglan Community boundary. 

Citizens of the Whaingaroa community are happy to support local business and regularly patronize the services provided. On any given day visitors and local Raglanites will experience the unified atmosphere that exists in the shops and on the streets.

What we have

(that we don’t necessarily see) around 400 businesses.

People volunteer/pitch in around community in lots of ways,

Raglan Business Chamber being very active in the community and recognised for contribution to a sustainable business attitude and being community leaders in a wide range of community areas as in Raglan Plastic Free, also advocating for business with both local regional and central government.

Most common themes from the community

Maintain the Raglan vibe of business (no big chains)

Weekly Farmers/Produce Market with Affordable Goods

Employment and Training Tools and Opportunities for Locals and Youth

support for small, new and remote working businesses


Raglan is an environment that is conducive to strong and vibrant businesses, which employ locals, including younger people.

Raglan has a platform that encourages the development of small and medium sized enterprises with long term business planning.

Raglan is a living wage town.

Local people within the community support and use local trades people.

Raglan has a diverse mix of businesses in the CBD. It is an energetic hub of activity.

Raglan has a successful campaign which motivates the consumer to ‘shop local, buy local’.

Possible pathways toward achieving these aspirations

If businesses are to thrive the landlords need to keep rent sustainable.

Establish a weekly Sunday morning market for local and homegrown produce, native plants, handmade and secondhand items.

Raglan is a living wage town (like plastic free campaign).

  • Support for locals interested in starting a business, including: training, mentoring and identifying business opportunities
  • Support for up-and-coming social enterprises and community co-ops
  • Social framework and support network that provides a platform for businesses to grow
  • “Shop Local” scheme and uptake from local community
  • Manage business growth to ensure ‘big business/chains’ do not take over the community
  • Establish a weekly farmers market that provides affordable produce and other goods
  • Liaise with local businesses to develop internships for local students
  • Regular updates from the business community about open employment, apprenticeships or internships and volunteer opportunities
  • Promote seasonal employment opportunities for locals, including youth
  • Develop employment training pathways for locals, including youth
  • Create a ‘Careers Fair/Showcase Day’ between the Raglan Business Chamber and local schools
  • Support technology initiatives through infrastructure improvements which will allow for the development of a future tech hub
  • Expand collaboration between developers, locals, the wider community and council to encourage planned, sustainable growth in small and medium sized enterprises
  • Ensure community values and expectations are shared with new business owners and interested investors
  • Establish and share a Raglan branding, in line with Raglan Naturally – so that businesses who choose to brand themselves using the name ‘Raglan’ in their business can be consistent with the character of Raglan when operating within the community and when promoting their product or service outside of the community. Keeping in line with the Raglan Naturally values, promoting a sustainable business model. Remembering that by using the ‘Raglan’ name, they are representing the Raglan community and what the community stands for and believes in.