Raglan Community Radio Update

We made the decision as soon as the lockdown was announced that we would try to keep all our DJs on the air, despite the fact that they would be at home. With everything else changing around us we wanted to make sure that if nothing else, listeners would still familiar voices on the radio during the lockdown.

This meant a lot of work by everyone to get set up at home. A few lucky individuals received some of our back up gear (or if they weren’t so lucky they got old semi-functional equipment) – meantime others have simply been using their laptops to take remote control of the station computer. There have been a few hiccups as we all went through a steep learning curve live on the air but we’ve ended up with the vast majority of our shows continuing to run.

Radio is an essential service because of the importance of getting information out during the pandemic but with the high levels of stress everyone has been feeling it seems just as important for us to do what radio stations have always done and focus on spreading good vibes and helping people to chill. Hopefully the high level of errors on the air over the last few weeks have also provided some unintentional comedy!

The Morning Show has continued to focus on local issues and one of the things that we’ve picked up on is the level of support community members are providing for each other. While Raglan has organisations dedicated to helping out those who struggle there has been so much impromptu activity and sheer enthusiasm to help out that, well… we’re kind of speechless for once.

One thing to note is that our internet connection has become overwhelmed with more people listening online than usual so we’ve set up an alternative livestream . You can find it on our livestream page at www.raglanradio.com/listen-live or just tune in on the old school FM signal; 98.1FM.

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