Raglan Local Energy – an introduction

This session is being run specifically for those who may be new to the concept of what Raglan Local Energy is all about and what we’re trying to achieve. Or perhaps you’ve forgotten, but you’re keen for a brief refresher and the opportunity to ask questions.

John from Our Energy, one cog of the Raglan Local Energy crew, will be running this session, quite probably with a cup of tea and cookie in hand. So, please feel free to bring along your snacks too as you watch and listen along.

You’ll hear about:

* Raglan Local Energy – what’s it all about?
* Pricing – how does this work for those who join RLE, and what are we trying to achieve?
* How do I join?

This is one of a series of online events that Raglan Local Energy is running over the coming weeks and months.

We look forward to having you join us.


For more information you can visit their Facebook event page here.

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