Rongo mai tata (local news): Mōtakotako marae

Bubbling away between bubbles work continues through various platforms to keep building projects on track and plans submitted on time. In our case planning for a new dining room /kitchen at Mōtakotako has continued despite the necessary restrictions of lockdown. The collation of documents, liaising with contractors, funding agencies and information gatheringrequires extra and innovative collective effort to maintain momentum so we were pleased to submit last week. 


During this time we also produced a couple of virtual journeys via video as a means of reconnecting hapu members back to their home area through short historical narratives. The first related to the old hall built in 1927 by Wallace Thomson which is still used today. The second related to the Mōtakotako trading store operated by J W Ellis during the 1870s’, virtual travel journeys are a great way to convey information and to celebrate the beauty of land and sea.  

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