Timebank Raglan Update

We’ve learned a lot of things during lockdown, but perhaps one of the most important is how we value our connections and community resilience. The Whāingaroa Environment Centre coordinates Raglan Timebank which is always working towards growing this resilience through our trading, swapping and sharing throughout the year. We’ve established community networks of support that love to share, learn and value everyone for the skills they bring. No dollars are ever transferred, the currency is time credits.

During the lockdown our in-person trades were restricted but members jumped on the phone to check in on each other, and jumped on zoom to participate in workshops, from hummus making, salsa dancing, to mindful eating skills and zine crafting, we stayed in touch, learned some things and had some fun together!

We are going to be making a zine (mini magazine) about our Lockdown Learnings, a collection of lessons from our community. If you learned something small or big, and would like to draw it, or write about it, a poem or instructional, we welcome you to contribute an A5page to our collective zine. 


To find out more information about Timebanking and our Raglan Timebank community, please contact Sarah Lancaster via timebank@whaingaroa.org.nz

Find us online here: Whaingaroa.org.nz/projects or raglan.timebanks.org 

We will be hosting a group orientation session via zoom, and in person soon!

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