Update from the Raglan Old School Arts Centre:

Raglan Old School Arts Centre is active behind the scenes planning creative activities, even though its doors are closed. At a video meeting held on Tuesday 14th, the Arts Council committee decided to plan a staged reopening of the Arts Centre with activities matched to decreases in the Covid-19 Alert levels.

Raglan Arts Weekend has been postponed till later this year, to a date yet to be decided, while Art To Wear has been moved to May 2021. Options for the Film Festival are being explored.

Volunteer painters will start work on the lobby and stairs of the new Creative Space building just as soon as the Alert Level drops.

The current closure means that the Arts Centre has no income from events and workshops. It has been fortunate to receive a Covid-19 wages subsidy, so office staff are working from home using cloud based systems and contactable by email.

The Arts Council is waiting to hear on whether recent grant applications for non-wage operating costs have been approved. In the meantime emails have been sent out for membership renewals as this will provide money to pay for ongoing costs. You can join online the Old School Arts Centre/ Raglan Community Arts Council and pay by credit or debit card at: https://www.raglanartscentre.co.nz/about/being-a-member-of-the-old-school/rcac-apply-online-to-be-a-member-pay-by-cc/

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