WRAP Update – Whaingaroa/Raglan Affordability (Housing) Project

Tena koutou katoa whanau o Whaingaroa. Our homes have been our refuge and place of retreat from the threat of the marauding corona virus COVID-19. For many, home is a warm dry place where we don’t have to be worried about whether we should wear masks or gloves, where we are in control of how clean the surfaces are that we touch, and often where some of our loved ones live with us.

For some though, home isn’t such a safe, warm, dry place in times of trouble, and for some, this place ‘home’ doesn’t exist at all. For some, caught up, through no fault of their own, in the dramatic economic changes that COVID has presented the planet, they may be finding their homes threatened due to financial duress.

Our thoughts and concerns in the WRAP team, and the wider community I’m sure, are with those of you who find home to be an unsafe place, or one that is hard to live in. For those without a home as the weather changes, we feel for how a tent, a caravan or campervan might feel at this time of the year. And for those of you facing economic struggles, that make keeping your home in tact, kia kaha, we are rallying in the background to try and find ways to help.
The WRAP team have just received a small grant from WEL Energy Trust to continue with our work to bring an affordable housing development to Whaingaroa and help find other rental solutions.

The changes brought to the tourism industry now and for the foreseeable future may reflect in new opportunities for rentals in what may have previously been AirBnB or motel accommodation. If any owners of such accommodation would like to get in touch, please see contact details below.

Today, in a meeting with Nic Greene, Midland region GM for Habitat for Humanity, WRAP has agreed to move forward some economic modelling work focused on possible use of redeveloped accommodation space. The focus would be bringing online some new rental accommodation quickly while longer term projects are developed up.

The Waikato Region Housing Initiative have also asked Fiona McNabb (WRAP Project Lead) to attend weekly working group committee meetings which open up more opportunities for support and connections to funders. WRAP will also participate in funding applications to Kainga Ora when it opens up its call for housing projects which could be advanced with support from central government.

For any queries or concerns related to housing call Fiona McNabb 027 688 9754 or Mike Rarere Raglan Community 825 8142

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