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1) In early 2017 the Interim Steering Group drafted values for RN.
• Consultative. Listening, bringing open mindedness, paying attention to what groups and individuals are saying.
• Collaborative. Involving others in decision making for the benefit of the whole community.
• Aspirational. Having a future orientation and taking into consideration the desires, hopes and dreams of the community.
• Ecological Awareness. Being aware of the systems that will be impacted on by decisions.
• Supportive. Encouraging involvement and responsibility. Being respectful and kind.

2) In early 2018 the RN Committee identified goals/values for the RN update and included
them in the RN Project Plan.
• Deeper relationships and partnership with Iwi and hapu
• Inclusion of the principles of Te Tiriti o Waitangi
• Strong environmental focus
• Community led development
• Inclusivity and collaboration
• Strength based process
• Future focused
• Relationship building – between community and councils

3) At the Focus Group Workshop at Raglan Area School in May 2018
We worked with the identified goals/values of RN. Together we worked in small groups and then came back together. We came up with:
• Respect
• Equity
• Tiriti o Waitangi
• Kaitiakitanga
• Partnership
• Participation, inclusivity, diversity

4) These are now with the RN Committee, who will work on expanding the descriptions.

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