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Destination & Visitor Management
Te Ahumahi Tāpoi

The Destination and Visitor Management group recognizes the importance to respect local culture and protect the environment. We aim to give priority to local interests and work to achieve a positive and enjoyable experience for visitors. The group will strive to meet the interests of locals and encourage them to be involved in the decision making process.

Why do people want to visit us?

… just look around! With picture perfect sunsets (and sunrises) almost year-round and laid-back vibes, Whaingaroa Raglan is hard to beat.

Raglan offers pristine surf, mountain trails, epic views and a unique opportunity to connect and care for the environment.

Visitors don’t want Raglan to change. There is a connection to Raglan that many feel their own home has lost.

What we have

Most common themes from the community

Protect local interests first

Create a cohesive, sustainable marketing message that is aligned with Raglan Naturally

Encourage off-season events and activities


Within ten years, Raglan will be widely recognised as the eco-friendly heart of New Zealand, and be a leading example of responsible and sustainable tourism.

Ensure local interests are kept at the forefront of future visitor growth.

Encourage shoulder season events and activities that help support businesses and employment through the winter months.

Create a cohesive marketing message, focused on sustainable tourism, a ‘how-to visit Raglan’ guide.

Creating and supporting ‘sustainable’ visitor experiences.

Develop and align marketing of Raglan with the values of the community.

Maintain the character of the town, keep the Raglan vibe alive.

Develop a ‘Raglan Customer Charter’ that underpins exceptional customer service to all customers regardless of the business.

Possible pathways toward achieving these aspirations

Create a cohesive, community-minded marketing message that all tourism operators and promoters can use.

Educate our friends and travellers who visit about: reducing; re-using and upcycling.

It would be great to share more stories of the people and past of this place.  Public weather resistant signage would be wonderful to educate visitors and instill pride in folk who call Whaingaroa home.

  • Encourage positive visitor behaviours (i.e. disposing of waste in the correct bins, encouraging the BYO, bring your own, culture)
  • Provide more thorough information for visitors in regards to freedom camping, paid accommodation, public facilities, cafe and shop hours, etc.
  • Ensure the marketing of Raglan aligns with Raglan Naturally and create a cohesive marketing message across all promotional outlets
  • Maintain the character of the town, keep the Raglan vibe alive
  • Work with local community groups to develop educational and sustainable visitor experiences
  • Ensure a range of authentic experiences that help to showcase our people, our landscape, our stories, our history, our place
  • Create a more connected experience where visitors and locals alike can easily walk or ride between community destinations (work alongside WDC to further develop bike pathways and walkways around the community)
  • Communicate sustainable tourism business practices to new and interested tourism business operators
  • Develop hospitality and customer service training programmes for locals, including youth
  • Work with the business group to establish and share a Raglan branding, in line with Raglan Naturally – so that businesses who choose to brand themselves using the name ‘Raglan’ in their business can be consistent with the character of Raglan when operating within the community and when promoting their product or service outside of the community. Keeping in line with the Raglan Naturally values, promoting a sustainable business model. Remembering that by using the ‘Raglan’ name, they are representing the Raglan community and what the community stands for and believes in.
  • Develop and showcase a sense of localism, e.g. ensure visitors know when local produce is being used in cafes or sold in shops
  • Develop a tourism training programme for locals to gain skills in the hospitality and service industry
  • Work with Raglan Business Chamber to develop a Destination Management Organisation.