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Raglan Community Radio

LISTEN LIVE :: http://raglanradio.com/listen-live/
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Raglan Chronicle

Read the Chronicle online at http://www.raglanchronicle.co.nz/

You can also see all back copies of the Chronicle at our Issuu account here: https://issuu.com/raglanchronicle/docs

If you would like to access a downloadable, PDF version of the latest Chronicle click this link here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1r6ogHA36d6DBIx4iJdu0badehSzuLEj_

Raglan Area School

Te Kura a Rohe o Whanigaroa RAS website

Raglan Area School Facebook page

Xtreme Zero Waste

Whaingaroa Environment Centre

Raglan Local Energy

Raglan Local Energy Website.

Ashley Bloomfield

Aroha from Afar

While it’s wonderful to see people supporting one another by offering free items, such as excess fruit, baking and blankets, it poses a risk of spreading COVID-19 as it can live on surfaces for some time.

There will be time after lockdown to show your aroha by offering assistance – but for now, spread hope with words of encouragement and brighten someone’s day with a teddy bear in your window 🧸 ❤️

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