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Raglan NaturallyTimeline

The Raglan Naturally process so far.
1999-2001  The beginning of our community plan.  Our community and WDC work on our plan and Raglan Naturally Community Plan is created.  Key areas identified and project priorities for community infrastructure and facilities, created a roadmap for relationships and responsibilities between the community, the Raglan Community Board and WDC.  In 2008 Raglan Naturally reviewed.  Briefly summarised the intent of RN and reaffirmed its relevance.  Produced a comprehensive project list.

Kei te tino whakamiharo
pēhea te maha o ngā mahi
ka oti i a koe pēnakāhore ōuwhakaaro ko
wai ka tū rangatira.

It is amazing
how much can be accomplished
when it doesn’t matter who gets the credit.

Key milestones in the Raglan Naturally process:

August 2016

Raglan Naturally Celebration!  Time to revitalise our community plan.

End of 2016 – June 2017

Interim Steering Group worked on foundations of the review process.  Initiated new relationship with WDC.  Held a community gathering at Poihakena Marae.  Sourced funding.

August 2017

Project Coordinator appointed and endorsed by the Raglan Community Board.

Sept-Dec 2017

Relationship Building.  New learnings – Treaty of Waitangi workshop.  Local stories shared.  Focus Groups established.  RN Committee set up.

Feb 2018

It’s all about community.  Getting out in the community – Creative Markets, Maui Dolphin Day, Music and Dance Festival.  Project Planning.  RN Newsletter and Facebook page set up.  We’re getting out and about.


Raglan Community Board agrees to hold responsibility of Raglan Naturally and have it added to RCB Charter.  RN Committee established as a permanent sub-committee of the community board.

April 2018

11 Focus Groups established and start work on creating Snapshot Reports.  Approximately 60 people involved.


Focus Group Workshops.  Future Focus Workshop, Treaty of Waitangi Workshop and Full Day Focus Group Workshop.  Youth Focus Group forms.

July – Sept

Community Wide.  Focus Groups work on Snapshots.  RN Committee work on Vision and Values.


Raglan Naturally – Community Wide Engagement.  Te Uku, Te Mata, Raglan Town Hall.  Website.  Survey.

Oct – Nov

Feedback collated and analysed.

Jan – March 2019

Community Plan drafted.

June – August 2019

Feedback from the community.

Nov – Dec 2019

RN Workshops – agreement to set up RN organisation & Trust.

Jan 2020

Trust Deed drafted.

Feb 2020

Raglan Naturally Feb 2020 – our community plan finalised.


RN involved in COVID community response.


Establishing RN organisation  and appointment of RN Trust Board.

Jan-June 2021

Trust Board foundations, planning, DIA partnership and funding application.

July – Dec 2021

Recruitment of RN Coordinators, Successful funding through DIA, AGM